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Avanté Banquets
Case Study

Avante Banquets is a premier event venue that hosts unforgettable wedding celebrations, corporate affairs, and private galas. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the venue faced unprecedented challenges. However, our team was able to help the owners and general manager craft an effective marketing strategy that helped them recover and thrive.

134% Increase Clicks

2022 : 7,934 Clicks
2020: 205

70% Increase in Revenue

Period over period: '21-'22

202.08% Increase in Sessions

145 Sessions
Previous: 48

The Challenge

Here are some of the challenges that Avante Banquets faced during the pandemic:

Declining bookings:

As people were forced to stay home, the demand for event venues plummeted.

Increased competition:

As more and more businesses were forced to close, the competition for event bookings became fierce.

Changing consumer behavior:

People were hesitant to gather in large groups, and they were looking for more socially-distant event options.

The Solution

We started by revitalizing Avante Banquets’ brand. We created a stunning new logo and custom website that easily funnels visitors to schedule events. The logo and new website did a much better job helping brides to be envision their dream wedding at Avante Banquets.

Building on the new look, we curated a top-notch customer experience with their sales team. Once the experience was ready to scale, we launched targeted PPC ads and watched as leads poured in.

Our customer journey enhancements not only increased sales but also boosted Avante Banquets’ online presence. Thanks to our redesign, they received a flood of positive reviews from satisfied customers on Google and other wedding directories.

Ready to boost your sales like Avante Banquets? Let’s get started!

Services Provided
  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Web development
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Organic Social Media Management
  • Paid Social Media Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Content/Copywriting
  • Sales Consulting

The Results

As a result of our efforts, Avante Banquets saw a significant increase in website traffic, bookings, and leads. The venue was also able to improve its brand awareness and reputation.

'20-'21 2,332%
'21-'22 134%

2022 : 7,934 Clicks
2020: 205

70% Increase in Revenue

Period over period: '21-'22

'20-'21 -80.75%
'21-'22 -21.65%

2022 : $1.44
2020: $9.55

'20-'21 348%
'21-'22 98%

2022 : 186 Conversions from ads
2020: 21 conversions from ads


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