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Track Success.
Enhance Engagement.
Foster Loyalty.

Uncover key customer data on a whole new level and turn it into profitable optimizations.

digital marketing services - customer journey tracking

For 80% of customers, the experience they have with a company holds as much significance as the quality of the products the company offers.


This is where a potential customer becomes aware that they have a problem, and your brand offers them a solution.


Whether it’s through blog articles, social media content, or search engine results, discover what content is contributing the most to funneling people down the sales pipe.


This is where your brand shines, showcasing compelling marketing content that subtly guides customers to appreciate the distinct benefits of your product or service over competitors.


Get insight into what product-focused white papers, case studies, and other downloadable content are performing the best so you can replicate their success.


This is where your brand simplifies the purchase process, shifting the focus from information sharing to enabling an easy, seamless transaction, prompting customers to complete their purchase.


Take the guess work out of the content creation game. Find out what content is converting your warmest leads to paying customers with detailed customer journey tracking.


This is where your brand offers a top-notch introduction process and continuous customer support to prevent clients from discontinuing their service.


It's not enough to know how someone became a customer. Track the interactions they take on your website, chat service, phone calls, and more to learn how you can improve your retention strategy.


This is where your brand focuses on offering a stunning customer experience, spanning from website content and sales reps, to social media engagement and product UX.


Foster true loyalty in your customers by understanding what parts of their experience are the most valuable to them and improving upon them.


Track the most important actions that your customers take in their journey from prospect to client

Call Attribution
Click-to-Call Ads
ROI Reporting
Tracking Numbers
Keyword Tracking
Text Messaging
Conversion Tracking
Web Forms

Maximized marketing that’s based on real data, not guesses

With real data of your customer’s journey, we make optimizations to your marketing that isn’t based on guesses or “best practices,” but supporting metrics.

Customer Acquisition

Our blueprint for boosting your customer base


We thoroughly assess your present media strategy to better grasp your business’s current standing


Building on our thorough assessment, we’ll craft a tailored strategy for your business, aligning with both your current position and future aspirations.


Harnessing the expertise of our digital marketing team, we’ll execute your strategy, fine-tuning as necessary.


RLC Media will turbocharge your traffic, media, creatives, and funnels in a way no one else can match. Focus on pioneering your business; we’ve got the marketing magic covered.

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