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Amazing Stuff We've Done

RLC Media has grown year over year due to its commitment to deliver better client ROI through leading edge tactics and utilizing the industries finest techniques and execution.


Many companies find themselves struggling against customer acquisition, constantly faced with a competitive markets where being distinct from the competition is a bit like catching Proteus. Keeping up with the latest market trends, personalization, and shifting consumer behavior means hundreds of new features are added annually to AdWords and Google Shopping. So how is it possible to invest wisely and efficiently in marketing that drives highly-qualified users to conversion? If done effectively, that’s where Search Engine Marketing shines.


Lobster Gram
Case Study

RLC Media captured organic growth through on-page optimizations, competitor analysis, and site content strategies to drive brand awareness and quality traffic to the Lobster Gram website.


Case Study

Data-driven SEO and SEM Strategy Key to Imada’s Brand Awareness Success

Urban Accents
Case Study

The RLC Media team expanded on-page and off-page organic optimizations, refined conversion tracking for paid campaigns and restructured Urban Accents’ keyword campaigns in order to drive more clicks and conversions.

Case Study

GoGig Uses Spend Allocation Models and Target Market Analysis to Boost App Engagement

Our Certifications

RLC Media has achieved a number of industry and vendor certifications, and have partnered with a wide array of the industry’s best solution providers. We help ensure that our clients take ownership of their data, and our breadth of expertise allows a technology agnostic focus in selecting the right tools and platforms to achieve our clients’ strategic objectives.


…and many more!


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