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Drive More Traffic, Leads, and Sales with RLC Media

RLC Media is an award-winning digital marketing agency that focuses on PPC Marketing for ambitious clients like you. We combine data, strategy, and media with creative messaging to make your ideas happen better, faster and at lower cost – all in a way that helps your business thrive.

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Business Growth Through Results-Driven PPC (Pay Per Click) Management

We have managed results-driven PPC performance for a wide range of clients. We deliver faster, smarter, and more effective results through our 15 years of experience connecting your ideal customers to your business. We incorporate a multi-tiered approach providing optimizations for the top-of-funnel, brand awareness, and aggressive bottom-of-funnel conversions!

How Does PPC Work?

Unlock the Power of PPC Advertising: Drive More Leads and Sales with RLC Media

PPC can also be called Paid Search. This works exactly as its name implies – you pay for an advertising slot to market your business on search engines. How do you maximize the potential of that advertising slot? Our experienced strategists have mastered the complex process of locating the right ad funnel and building targeted audiences around demographics, services, seasonality, and other campaign attributes. Our experts and systems then create unique ads that appear whenever someone types in the searches that we track in your campaign. These ads lead back to your landing pages, which we design to convert visitors into paying customers, or your current website.. Using pre-set budgets, you only pay for the ads that generate leads or clicks – “pay-per-click” advertising – making PPC over 50 times more effective than media commercials.

Targeting and Audience Segmentation

Discuss how RLC Media’s experienced strategists use data to identify the right ad funnel and build targeted audiences based on demographics, services, seasonality, and other campaign attributes. Share examples of successful campaigns that used targeted advertising to drive results.

Ad Creation and Copywriting

Explain how RLC Media creates unique ads that appear whenever someone types in the searches tracked in your campaign. Discuss the importance of ad copywriting, including how to craft a compelling message that resonates with your target audience and drives conversions. Share best practices for designing effective ads that grab attention and inspire action.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Highlight the importance of conversion rate optimization (CRO) in PPC campaigns, including how RLC Media designs landing pages that convert visitors into paying customers. Discuss the importance of optimizing the user experience, including page load speed, mobile responsiveness, and clear calls-to-action. Share tips and strategies for improving your conversion rates and getting the most out of your PPC budget.

It’s estimated that 1.17 billion people use Google regularly. That’s as many as 10 Super Bowl-sized audiences. PPC provides the opportunity to generate web traffic virtually instantaneously from this sea of users, reaching high-quality leads by surfacing ads to buyers already searching for you. More than that, it offers nuanced control and flexibility over your business’ marketing. Do you want to target men over the age of 40 in a specific part of town? RLC Media’s Google-certified professionals can do that with our tracking system. Want to generate more revenue through a particular product that you offer? We can do that too!

Instant Visibility. Instant Leads. Instant Sales.

Our PPC Management Plans

Choose the Right Plan to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

As a business in the early growth stages, you must get your product or service in front of potential customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. That's where we come in.

Our team provides the competitive talent needed to run an effective PPC campaign and ensure that ads align with the marketing strategy. The standard package is a great economical way to kickstart your digital advertising. 

We understand the importance of results, and our team is dedicated to helping your business succeed. We only ask that you give us a minimum of a 3-month commitment to optimize and start getting competitive ROIs and results. 

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you take your business to the next level.

Standard $750

  • Complimentary Site Audit
  • PPC Audit
  • 3 campaigns with up to 5 unique ad groups per campaign
  • Google PPC Network or Google Local Service Ads
  • $500-$3,499 monthly ad spend 

Initial Set-up: $950 

The Premium package is the perfect solution for businesses that want to grow and scale with a team of professionals. This plan helps organizations engage their clients digitally but are not ready to hire an agency because they need support now! Let our company carry the most weight responsibility associated daily/monthly hours required to advertise online effectively; you can then focus on your customer base without worrying about how many social media posts or emails it takes to publish every day. Save yourself countless hours maintaining tracking all of your marketing efforts yourself. 

We will start by examining your current marketing efforts and learn to understand what you already know about. It'll be vital for us to stay in touch through monthly performance meetings to share findings on both sides of this process! We'll make sure all of the information needed for this process is included in order not only to get more people visiting these pages but also to convert them into customers! Your team can expect assistance on their campaign strategy development and high-level guidance on your site's performance. 

Premium $1,500 or 15% of total ad spend, whichever is greater

  • $3,500-$24,999 monthly ad spend
  • 5 campaigns with up to 6 unique ad groups per campaign
  • Google Search Network or Google Local Service Ads, Bing PPC Network and 3rd party target audience networks
  • Original creative display asset set
  • Monthly call with an account executive to discuss strategy, performance, and optimizations. 
  • 1 Landing page build with A/B testing and analytics tracking

Initial Set-up: $1950 

You know where you want to go, and your team needs more guidance on optimizing your company's spending. A 1-2% change in performance can swing your sales results dramatically when you are running multiple campaigns with budgets in the tens of thousands.

Our team can provide you with the support your marketing team needs to get the most out of Paid search campaigns - our senior specialists have years of experience and will work closely with your current marketing staff to ensure a smooth handoff. With our help, you'll be able to create an omn-ichannel approach that increases sales and brand equity.

Enterprise 12% of ad spend

  • $25,000+
  • Custom campaign structure
  • Conversion funnels 
  • Up to 2 monthly creative display assets sets
  • Up to 2x  15-second OTT video ad assets sets 
  • Up to 2  Landing page build with A/B testing and analytics tracking

Initial Set-up: $4,950


Are PPC Ads Worth It?

Paid search ads can be an effective way to reach customers who are actively searching for products or services similar to yours. Unlike other forms of advertising, paid search ads allow you to target specific audiences based on their search engine queries. This means that your ads will only appear to people who are already interested in what you have to offer, increasing the chances that they will click through to your website and potentially make a purchase. Additionally, search engines allow you to set specific budgets for your campaigns, ensuring that you only pay for the clicks or leads that you receive.

However, whether or not paid search ads are worth it for your business depends on a variety of factors. For example, if you have a very niche product or service with a small target audience, it may be more difficult to generate a high return on investment (ROI) from your paid search campaigns. Additionally, if you are in a highly competitive industry with many other businesses vying for the same keywords, you may need to invest more heavily in your campaigns to achieve a high ranking and attract clicks. Finally, paid search ads require ongoing optimization and management in order to remain effective, which can be time-consuming and require a significant investment of resources.

Ultimately, whether or not PPC ads are worth it for your business depends on your specific goals, target audience, industry, and budget. At RLC Media, our experienced PPC specialists can help you determine the right approach for your business and create customized campaigns that drive results. We use a data-driven approach to identify the most effective keywords and ad copy for your campaigns, and we provide ongoing optimization and management to ensure that you get the best possible ROI. Contact us today to learn more about how paid search ads can benefit your business.


What Are Some
Challenges Businesses Face With PPC?

As competition takes advantage of PPC, we see ever increasing advertising budgets being used in the market. It can seem intimidating to start spending thousands of dollars on your paid search efforts. Having an experienced team of professionals ensure that your account structure, keyword set-up, optimizations and landing pages are performing is the most cost effective way to increase your companies sales and brand awareness. Bringing your company to the top of results page.
Testimonials of Course

We give our customers a chance to give us their valuable opinions about RLC Media.

RLC Media has a legit marketing business! They have helped me grow personally and professionally with our team. Manuel and his team has helped me with my sales for years! I wouldn’t go with anyone else!

Alexander Boro

So I met with Sean for a consultation and I was blown away with his knowledge on how to market my practice, our events, and how we could use both google ad words and Facebook ads. He was very prepared, he answered all of my questions and he did not waste our time. I would would recommend RLC media to anyone who is looking to improve the visibility of their business online. They can give you different strategies that are customized to your situation, your business, and even your budget. Give them a try you will not be disappointed!

Hector Martinez
Marketing Manager

I recently used RLC media to build a website. I found them to be responsive, very competitive and professional.

Peter Dabertin

RLC media has amazing insight into online promotion and marketing. Being a tech savvy person, I had no clue how much I was missing and didn’t know about SEO. It would take years and thousand of hours to do what they can do in one consultation.

Josh Davis
Spec Bicycles

Sean and everyone at RLC Media are super attentive and knowledgeable. They are patient and willing to spend all the time necessary on achieving results. They have my strong recommendation!

Dan Blair
Owner, Dan Blair Counseling
Achieve Your Business Goals!

Drive More Traffic, Leads, and Sales

Are you ready to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level? At RLC Media, we specialize in creating customized PPC campaigns that help our clients drive more traffic, generate leads, and boost sales. Our experienced PPC specialists use a data-driven approach to identify the most effective keywords, ad copy, and targeting strategies for your campaigns, ensuring that you get the best possible ROI. Whether you’re looking to increase website traffic, generate leads, or boost sales, our PPC management services can help you achieve your desired outcomes. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you unlock the power of paid search advertising and take your business to new heights.

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