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What the Hell is SEO?

What the Hell it is:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an organic method of internet marketing that uses web strategies so that websites will show up at least in the first pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is achieved in two ways: (1) since millions of people search the internet each day using search engines, a website allocates popular “keywords” that describes or identifies the company, products, or services in its website and other “external” or off page articles and ads. SEO ensures your website is one of the choices for first page search results because of these keywords; (2) having a superbly designed and developed website that will be noticed by the algorithms and indexing by the search engines.
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Where SEO ‘came’ from:

SEO actually started in the 1990’s along with the development of search engines and as the internet grew, so did the search engines and the need for SEO. Because web developers and search engine owners could never work independently from each other, in 2005, at an annual conference called Air Web, web designers, developers and search engine owners met and agreed to collaborate with each other for mutual benefits. Search engines would index and offer other internet-based and search optimization services to generate income. On the other hand, web developers and designers agreed that this would level the marketing playing field for all websites because search engines would only maximize indexing on heavy SEO-marketed websites.
People fall into the misconception that websites that appear on the first page of Google are arranged by order of relevance. On the contrary, the first page arrangement tends to change because of quality SEO, making it the marketing tool that levels the playing field for all websites whether you’re a large corporate company or smaller businesses.
Internet marketing can be a very cutthroat industry, but that doesn’t give a license to any SEO company to commit “black hat” or illegal SEO. Like any marketing strategy, it has its share of competition. This is what makes some websites suck since they get caught up in quick results using black hat tactics. Once Google recognizes black hat tactics (Google’s sensitive “Panda”) the website becomes blacklisted and loses its marketing edge.
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Why should I care?
Since the internet is constantly changing – any strategy you find today can be obsolete by next year – SEO still remains a high priority point as more people are working, shopping, and finding entertainment online on a daily basis. As technology continues to change and improve, the internet is becoming more focused of business exposure and search engine results. Because of this growth, You need to start optimizing your website and grow with it.
When searching for a search engine optimization agency, pick one staffed by professional, knowledgeable, skilled and expert SEO analysts that can deliver results and solutions for a significant increase in your sites traffic and ROI. You can sense this when they can offer a realistic strategic marketing campaign plan around SEO and social media marketing. If you want your website optimized and improved, let RLC Media develop and run your on and off-page optimizations.