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We are a full-service digital marketing agency dedicated to creating a successful online presence for our clients. We specialize in digital marketing, web design, and achieving consistent results that grow the bottom line for our clients. Our team comprises experts in all aspects of digital marketing, ensuring long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We are a CMO-Level partner for your business

You don't need another paid traffic agency, you need an agency that will grow your bottom line

We use CMO-Level Partner growth metrics to track your success

You need more data than just the number of new customers you gain each month. We track your customer’s journey from their first interaction with your business to the moment they become a paying customer to give you the data you need to optimize your marketing strategy for max growth.

It takes more than just one metric to determine success. Whether your product take 20 touches or 500 touches to generate a purchase, it takes effort from all your marketing channels to produces success and increase sales. That’s why we measure the growth of your company from a holistic point of view.

No matter what stage a prospect is at on their customer journey, we tailor specific content to reach them at the right time to help nurture them from a cold prospect to a warm one.

We measure how much it costs for your customers to go from first interaction to making a purchase so you know exactly how much is costs you to acquire new customers and determine growth trajectories.

Sometimes a small, initial purchase from a potential customer is the gateway to earning their trust. While the immediate returns might not offset the acquisition cost, the long-term value of a loyal customer vastly surpasses the initial investment. This is an important consideration that many agencies overlook.

Brand awareness metrics like traffic, page views, impressions, and clicks are one part of the story, and when they are analyzed as a part of the whole, they tell the story of how people discover you and eventually become your loyal customers.

Paid traffic agency growth metrics look pretty, but that's about it

Things like ROAS, CTR, Clicks, Impressions, and even Conversions are easily manipulated to look good in a siloed marketing channel, but these metrics alone fail to paint the whole picture of your marketing efforts.

Although brand traffic has it’s place, it does not measure business growth in and of itself. Paid traffic agencies will use brand campaigns to mask poor performance from outbound campaigns.

It’s easy to win a sale from warm users at the bottom of the funnel, but in order to grow your business you have to reach new users with a full funnel strategy. You need a CMO-level partner that will help you develop a message and a brand that nurtures overall growth for your business.

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Our Clients

We’ve helped amazing companies reach their goals

Take their word for it, not ours

Ian Morrison
Asa has tremendously helped us with our SEO and marketing our company. He is very knowledgeable and great to work with.
Social Goat Yoga Chicago
I would highly recommend RLC Media for your digital marketing needs. We partnered with Asa to help transition us to the new Google Analytics, GA4. What would have taken us hours upon hours to do (and probably not well or accurate), took him only a few hours. His expertise and support throughout the conversion process was invaluable and we are incredibly thankful.
Wayne Pua
I've been working with RLC Media as a client for 3 months running Google Search Paid Ads and have seen growth from when we started. Their expertise in digital advertising and marketing techniques has assisted in creating the foundations for us to succeed in the future. Asa has been helpful in not only being responsive and in executing the campaigns, but has also consulted on digital advertising strategies overall from a holistic approach. They think not just on designs and copy, but from the business perspective they help with how can you get the ROI for your organization. Whether you are looking for solid SEO, SEM, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or YouTube Ads, I would recommend them.
Courtney Greve
In the many years I’ve worked with Sean on various accounts, I’ve appreciated his knowledge of the ever-changing paid digital landscape and his willingness to execute campaigns big and small. Whether a big-budget, long-term omnichannel effort or a last-minute boosted post, Sean’s approach always centers around achieving the best results for the client. And as an added bonus, he's cool under pressure and a pleasure to work with.
John Benedeck
Asa met me on a Saturday to help set up my Google business account. Walked me through the steps to get me going in the right direction. That's what I call service!

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