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Programmatic Buying Newest Online Marketing Strategies

One of the newest online ad marketing strategies just starting to pick up pace and popularity in 2016 is Programmatic Buying. This hot key term has actually been around since 2015 but is only just now picking up and getting its due attention in the online world.
For the uninitiated, programmatic buying is the simple process of automated computer advertising. An ad campaign for the internet is created with a predetermined market and pricing, it is automatically inserted into a server through an insertion order with specific campaign goals, delivery, and targeting.
Although Programmatic Buying is a form of RTB or Real Time Bidding in itself, it is not RTB per se as what RTB is known to many and being practiced.
Programmatic Buying
What makes this new automated ad form great is that it is easily monitored. And since everything is automated, the usual middle man in advertising is completely cut out, saving the company money and time since real time bidding is taken out, though not completely removed. Ad targeting and verification becomes more effective as well since the ‘where’ and ‘to whom’ the ads go to and appear online are already predetermined and pre-targeted.
In short, since RTB often takes time, the automated buying of Programmatic Buying is faster since location, target audience, and even time of appearance are already predetermined. Take a look at the simple process of Programmatic Buying Advertising:

  • Step 1 – Advertisers create an ad campaign for a predetermined target niche market, pricing, and locations.
  • Step 2 – The advertiser then searches through a list of ad products, then adds them to an Insertion Order (IO) that gives specifics on campaign goals, delivery, and targeting.
  • Step 3 – The Programmatic Platform then uses real-time data to identify the best target audience for campaign and buys digital ad inventory through direct buying.
  • Step 4 – Publishers approve the Insertion Order (IO) and inserts the ad campaign into the server and tracks ad delivery and processes.
  • Step 5 – Campaigns are monitored through specific platforms.