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How to Write PPC Ads That Convert


Pay-per-click marketing is your chance to create effective, highly targeted ad campaigns. Your paid ads are the gateway between your customers’ needs and the solutions your business offers.  

Feeling the pressure and the writer’s block?
writing ppc ads
Whether you’re an experienced PPC ad writer with plateaued campaign results or you’re just entering the space, PPC ads require creativity.
Grab their attention, lure them with your offer, and guide them with the steps to convert with these pro tips for writing successful ad copy that converts.   

The Anatomy of a PPC Ad

Formatting differs among ad platforms (e.g. Search (AdWords), Social (Facebook), Display Ads, and Floating Ads), but the bones remain the same.
At the most fundamental level, PPC ads on Google AdWords can be broken apart into three pieces.
✔ Headline
Headlines are the captain of your PPC campaign. Limited to 25 words, your have no choice but to use straightforward and descriptive words (i.e. “Your Search for [Keyword] Ends Here.”) Aligning your headline with the keywords in your ad group and landing page can offer the best chance for Quality Score success.
✔ Copy – Description Lines
Description Line 1 includes 35 characters in which you can promote your offerings. Description Line 2 includes an additional 35 characters for you to build on your first description line or add a call-to-action. Ultimately, this is your opportunity to leverage your selling point (i.e. “Join 10 Million Other Satisfied Customers.”)
✔ Display URL
Visitors can see your display URL when they’re looking at your ad. Because it’s not necessarily the URL visitors will be taken to after clicking, mix and match uppercase and lowercase letters to attract attention while also avoiding long links (i.e.
To help you energize your ad copy, here are five simple recommendations to start writing effective PPC ads today:

PPC Ad Copy Tip #1: Reflect Your Visitor’s Keywords

You can win or lose potential customers based on relevancy. That’s why your ads should match the keyword theme of each ad group.
The keywords in your ad copy should also match the landing page that users are directed to after clicking an ad.
If your ad contains words from a user’s Google search, they’ll appear bolded in the search results and likely lead to higher-click-through rates.

PPC Ad Copy Tip #2: Be Concise and Specific

Not only are there character limits when you write and format your PPC ads, but getting to the point and being precise in your messaging can propel your message to your audience more quickly.
Practiced writers know to use active voice, avoid vague nouns, stick to simple verbs and simple words, and eliminate prepositional phrases.
For more help getting your point across quickly, here are 10 techniques for more precise writing by Daily Writing Tips’ Mark Nichol.

PPC Ad Copy Tip #3: Prioritize the Headline (and Include Exact Numbers)

The headline is the most obvious part of your PPC ad, so use it to your advantage and make every word count.
One way to get straight to the point is with stats and numbers, like live inventory data or pricing.
Because people tend to believe exact numbers more than rounded numbers, you may score an ad click from a more qualified customers, particularly if you’re offering exact pricing.  

PPC Ad Copy Tip #4: Use a Unique Selling Proposition

After grabbing your next customer’s attention with the headline, you can use a unique selling proposition to stand out from the competition.
What makes you better than the other advertisers you’re displayed with?
Why should I buy your product or use your service over the competition?
While it can be difficult to incorporate an entire USP with limited characters, create short and creative text phrases that include the benefits of your products and services.

PPC Ad Copy Tip #5: Include a Compelling Call-to-Action

Your CTA is your big chance to elicit an opt-in from your visitor. While calls-to-action often find their spot at the culmination of an ad, PPC ads can incorporate call-outs throughout.
You can use an actionable and specific CTA examples like “Buy Now,” “Shop Today,” “Contact Us,” or “Sign Up,” and all variations in between.
Using these phrases will help guide your visitors to your conversion point once they get to your landing page.
Like landing pages and web design features, great ad copy is often the product of testing. Find what resonates with your customers and fine-tune it within your writing.
Ready to write conversion-worthy ad copy? For more content strategy and PPC awesomeness, reach out to our digital marketing specialists at RLC Media.