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You Need Pay Per Click

We don’t want to keep kicking a dead horse, but seriously, you need Pay Per Click.

Theres a reason why its still around, and that reason is because it works.
We’re often asked, “Whats more important SEO, or SEM?”, and we always (ok, like, 95% of the time) answer with a resounding ‘Both.”. Lets break it down: You have this awesome new website that has all the bell and whistles (Thanks to Royal Lion Creative) and you’ve done all the extras that will help increase your page rank , SEO, and index your site, but now what? Sure, you might see a trickle of 2-6 visitors to your site on a daily basis, but is that something you can LIVE off of? As much as I hope it would be, it most likely is not. Thats where PPC comes in.
The power of SEM is at your fingertips. Literally, log onto Google, Bing/Yahoo, and Facebook. We’ll give you a minute…alright so after you pick up the pieces from your mind explosion, lets blow your mind again: These are all available 24/7 and work to target your service and product to specific people and interest groups. Isn’t that awesome? So from here, you market your brilliant service and website, and can actually PICK your daily/monthly budget to reflect an amount that wont leave you broke and homeless. And you know what? You only pay for the times that people actually click on your ad (they’re interested) and visit your website. The impressions are free. For an awesome comparison, think about how much billboards cost without actually sending people to your site.
“But Sean, people don’t click on the ads on the top of the pages!” you say. Oh but wait, they DO! Did you know 45.5% of the population cant even tell the difference between paid and organic search results? Its true. Another fun fact: Sponsored Ads on high commercial intent keywords -meaning that users searching for products are in the final decision making process- take up to 85.2% of the ‘above the fold’ pixels on the SERP page.
You have the power and ability to control your advertising and spend with PPC while actively searching and refining your campaigns. At the same time, you’re accruing all these potentially converting visits to your site, which is 1.) helping you sell your service/product 2.) Increasing your page rank and 3.) gaining valuable information within Analytics so you can better target customers that you know are easier to convert. As Michael Scott would say, that would be a, “Win, win, win.”/

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