ArcXP Marketing ROAS

Arc XP Case Study

Arc XP is a cloud-native digital experience platform (DXP) that helps enterprise companies, retail brands, and media organizations create and distribute content, drive digital commerce, and deliver powerful multichannel experiences. They are trusted by some big-name brands like BP, the Golden State Warriors, and Infobae.

The Challenge

Collaborating with this client presented opportunities for growth. Conversion tracking was yet to be implemented, budget was limited, and there were no landing pages for Google Ads.

44% Increase in MQLs

26 MQLs
Previous: 18

100% Increase in Opportunities

8 Opportunities
Previous: 4

44% Decrease in Cost Per Opportunity

$14,959 Cost Per Opp
Previous: $26,732

The Solution

To support the client’s needs, we prioritized effective communication with their backend team to learn about the nuances of their operations. By leveraging these insights, we developed a targeted keyword strategy that combined both specific and broad models, enabling us to reach a wider audience while maintaining cost-efficiency.
Services Provided
  • Product-Led Growth Strategy
  • Launch Plan
  • Strategy Guidance
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Lead Management Consultation
  • Google Ads Management

The Results

The client’s openness to our strategic approach, coupled with our tailored Google Ads campaign, resulted in a substantial 9.6x return on ad spend. This collaboration contributed to over 20% of their revenue for 2022, demonstrating the value of our partnership.

9.6x ROI

20% of Revenue Generated from Google Ads

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