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What is Intelligent Digital Communication?

Imagine real-time, data-driven search ads that are responsive to your current inventory and demand.  A custom campaign that utilizes product data to dynamically display relevant products and sales items in real-time, 100% automated. The power to significantly improve wasteful spending by pausing out-of-stock items, or advertising products that are relevant to the weather outside. This is Intelligent Digital Communication. This is the power of RLC PPC.

Intelligent Communications allow you to:

  • Increase your bids on items over-stock
  • Pause Backorder Product
  • Pause out-of-stock product
  • Launch in Stock Products
  • Adjust Ads by Local Weather
  • Dynamically inserting the price of the product in ads
  • Promoting your product through sales
  • Finding Error Pages

“Our integrated approach to PPC allows you to promote your business at the best time, to the most qualified consumers, and at the most cost efficient bid possible. “

By creating dynamic ads based on local weather, sales, promotions, product inventory, and social media, you receive leads that are more likely to convert on your page.

Weather-Based Bid Management

Dynamically insert  Weather into your AdWords Ads.

Current and Forecasted weather conditions can increase the relevancy of your based on local conditions.

We utilize local weather conditions to trigger your ads when certain conditions apply in any US city. Our systems will automatically adjust your keywords and bids to any combination of weather conditions.


A local rental equipment storefront can start ads for lawn equipment when weather conditions are above 68* and sunny

Ad campaigns can trigger for local storefronts selling umbrellas when rainfall is greater than 1”

Product/Inventory-Based Bid Management

Dynamically insert Promotions and Sales into your AdWords Ads.

Current inventory levels and ending sales dates can increase the relevancy of your ads and increase CTR and conversions on your website.

RLC PPC allows you to trigger your ads and keywords based on current inventory levels and product demand – allowing you to advertise only when your product is in stock and at the best possible time while reducing wasteful spending


Ad copy that is updated to your current pricing and discounts on every product-specified ad.

Sales End Dates and inventory automatically adjusted to convey the most accurate and compelling sales copy that maximizes clicks and conversions.

How Different Industries Can Utilize Intelligent Digital Communications

  • Rental Equipment Stores
  • Car Maintenance and Rentals
  • eCommerce Sales & Promotions
  • Resort & Hotels
  • Restaurant Chains
  • Event Ticket Sales