In 2023, our partnership with The Chopping Block focused on a transformative approach to their online presence, concentrating exclusively on Google Ads, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Consulting, and Sales Consulting. This targeted strategy significantly boosted their e-commerce activities and overall online engagement.


Increase in clicks, showcasing enhanced engagement with The Chopping Block's ads.


Increase in avg. monthly leads. Surpassing our monthly lead goal, highlighting the effectiveness of our targeted strategies.


Increase in engagement rate, indicating improved user interaction with The Chopping Block's content.

The Chopping Block stands as a culinary beacon, offering diverse cooking classes, kitchenware, and culinary resources. They cater to a broad audience, from novices to culinary experts, focusing on providing exceptional culinary experiences, fostering a sense of community, and imparting culinary wisdom.


The Chopping Block sought to amplify its online competitive edge, enhance the efficiency of its Google Ads. This required overhauling the landing pages and working strategically through the existing sales processes to refine and determine the most effective sales strategies to capture the attention of paid leads acquired.


Reduce the Cost per Lead to under $50. We achieved a remarkable $31.22 per lead, which is 37% lower than the target, surpassing our goal.

Increase the number of leads to a minimum of 475. We exceeded this by achieving 761 leads, marking a 60% increase over the objective.

Aiming for a 2x ROI. We achieved this goal which was more than triple what was brought in in 2022, demonstrating exceptional performance and value generation from our strategies.


1. Market Analysis and Strategy Formulation

We commenced with an in-depth analysis of The Chopping Block’s target market and competitive landscape. This foundational step informed our overall strategy, ensuring that each subsequent action was aligned with The Chopping Block’s business goals and market opportunities.

2. Google Ads Campaign Development

With a clear strategy in place, we launched a Google Ads campaign, targeting cold traffic with precisely tuned advertisements. The aim was to attract potential new customers by showcasing The Chopping Block’s unique offerings and value proposition.

3. Landing Page Optimization (CRO Consulting)

Concurrently, we undertook a comprehensive optimization of The Chopping Block’s landing pages. Our CRO efforts focused on enhancing user experience and increasing conversion rates, ensuring that visitors were more likely to engage and convert.

4. Sales Process Enhancement (Sales Consulting)

We provided in-depth sales consulting, focusing on refining sales cadences and follow-up sequences. This step was crucial in ensuring that potential leads generated from the Google Ads and landing pages were effectively nurtured and converted into paying customers.

5. Performance Monitoring and Analysis

Continuous monitoring of the campaign allowed us to gather valuable data on its performance. This step involved analyzing key metrics to understand the effectiveness of each component of the strategy, from ad clicks to conversion rates on the landing pages.

6. Iterative Optimization and Scaling

Using the insights gained from performance analysis, we engaged in iterative optimization, fine-tuning the strategy to enhance its effectiveness. Successful tactics were scaled up, while areas for improvement were addressed, ensuring ongoing enhancement of The Chopping Block’s marketing efforts.

Services Provided

  • Google Ads Management

  • CRO Consulting

  • Sales Consulting



Increase in leads from Google Ads, demonstrating a substantial growth in lead generation.


Increase in revenue from paid ads, signifying a direct correlation between our strategic efforts and The Chopping Block’s financial success.


Decrease in Cost per Lead, highlighting the significant efficiency gains in our lead generation strategy.

In our 2023 initiative with The Chopping Block, we achieved remarkable milestones, underlining the success of our focused digital marketing strategies. Our Google Ads campaign resulted in a 517% increase in leads, indicating substantial growth in lead generation and a testament to our targeted approach. This strategic effort directly influenced The Chopping Block’s financial performance, with a 213% increase in revenue from paid ads, demonstrating a strong correlation between our marketing tactics and their enhanced financial success. Moreover, we achieved a 97% decrease in Cost per Lead, showcasing significant efficiency gains in our lead generation strategy and underlining our commitment to maximizing The Chopping Block’s return on investment. These results reflect the impactful and effective nature of our tailored marketing solutions in driving exceptional growth and profitability.

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