In 2023, our partnership with McCloud Aquatics unlocked unprecedented growth, transforming their online visibility and sales channels through a strategic blend of Paid Advertising with Google Ads, SEO, and Content Creation. Our collaboration was centered on enhancing McCloud Aquatics’ e-commerce presence, driving both visibility and sales to new heights.


Increase in Click-Through Rate (CTR) year-over-year, showcasing a dramatic improvement in ad engagement.


Increase in Click Share year-over-year, indicating a stronger presence in relevant ad spaces.


Increase in sessions year-over-year, reflecting heightened user interest and website traffic.

Specializing in superior aquatic products and services, McCloud Aquatics provides expert solutions for various sectors, emphasizing customer satisfaction and high-quality service in aquatic environments.


Navigating a competitive landscape, McCloud Aquatics aimed to enhance its digital footprint, optimize Google Ads data quality, and accelerate its content production to meet evolving market needs effectively.


Our primary objective was to significantly boost the number of leads McCloud Aquatics generated, aiming for a 50% increase. This target was set to enhance the company’s market reach and customer acquisition, directly impacting its growth and sales potential.

A critical financial objective was to drastically reduce costs, specifically targeting an 80% cut in overall marketing expenses without compromising the effectiveness and reach of our campaigns. This ambitious goal was aimed at demonstrating our ability to deliver cost-efficient yet impactful marketing solutions.

Recognizing the importance of a strong online presence, a key objective was to develop a new and modern website for McCloud Aquatics. The aim was to create a platform that not only reflects the brand’s values and offerings but also enhances user experience, facilitates better customer engagement, and supports overall marketing and sales objectives.


1. Comprehensive Audit and Strategy Development

An in-depth review of McCloud Aquatics’ digital footprint shaped a tailored marketing strategy, addressing their specific goals and challenges.

2. PPC Optimization Using AI Tools

AI-enhanced PPC strategies maximized ad spending effectiveness, optimizing McCloud Aquatics’ advertising reach and impact.

3. SEO Enhancement

Targeted SEO initiatives improved McCloud Aquatics’ organic search visibility and user acquisition, leveraging keyword and content strategies.

4. Website Development and Optimization

Enhancing McCloud Aquatics’ website for user experience and conversion, aligning it with overall digital marketing goals.

5. Data-Driven Performance Analysis

Ongoing analysis of campaign data informed real-time strategy adjustments, optimizing outcomes and ROI for McCloud Aquatics.

6. Continuous Improvement and Scaling

Strategic insights fueled iterative improvements, scaling successful tactics to drive growth and enhance marketing ROI for McCloud Aquatics.

Services Provided

  • Google Ads

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

  • Website Development



Increase in leads year-over-year, indicating a substantial rise in potential customer engagement.


Decrease in Cost per Lead year-over-year, highlighting significant efficiency gains in lead generation.


Increase in Conversion Rate year-over-year, demonstrating a remarkable improvement in converting interest into actionable results.

The Marketing efforts for McCloud Aquatics yielded extraordinary results. We saw 472% increase in leads year-over-year, signifying a substantial surge in customer engagement and potential market capture. This was complemented by an 80% decrease in the Cost per Lead, illustrating profound efficiency gains and a more economical lead generation process. Moreover, the conversion rate saw a phenomenal 724% increase, showcasing an exceptional enhancement in converting prospective interest into tangible, actionable results. These metrics not only underscore the success of the campaign but also reflect a deep understanding and fulfillment of McCloud Aquatics’ market dynamics and business objectives.

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