In 2023, our focused efforts with Arc XP centered on leveraging Google Ads and providing Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) consultations. This targeted approach was instrumental in significantly enhancing their digital experience platform’s efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in remarkable improvements in lead generation and revenue.


Increase in conversion rate, showcasing a significant uplift in the effectiveness of Arc XP's digital touch points.


Increase in click share, indicating a stronger presence in relevant search results and an enhanced share of audience attention.


Increase in clicks, reflecting a substantial rise in user engagement with Arc XP's digital ads.

Arc XP is a leading digital experience platform that assists enterprises in managing content, driving digital commerce, and delivering impactful multichannel experiences. The platform’s comprehensive suite of tools is engineered to facilitate rapid digital transformation across various sectors.


Arc XP’s landing pages required extensive optimization to improve its performance. Being unable to implement conversion tracking and CRM integrations impeded their ability to analyze and enhance their marketing strategies effectively.


Aim to increase opportunities by 700%, surpassing this goal with a 1500% achievement, reflecting our successful strategy implementation.

Set up conversion tracking integrated with the current CRM to enhance data accuracy and marketing efficiency.

Drive traffic to the newly improved website experience, ensuring a seamless user journey and increased engagement.


1. Initial Consultation and Goal Setting

We began with a comprehensive CRO consultation to understand Arc XP’s specific needs, establish clear objectives, and set measurable goals for the campaign.

2. Keyword Strategy Development

Our team developed a targeted keyword strategy, incorporating both general and specific keywords to capture a broad yet relevant audience, ensuring the ads reach those most likely to engage with Arc XP’s offerings.

3. Google Ads Campaign Implementation

Utilizing the keyword strategy, we launched tailored Google Ads campaigns designed to maximize visibility and attract potential leads to Arc XP’s digital platforms.

4. AI and Machine Learning Integration

We employed advanced AI and machine learning technologies to analyze campaign data in real-time, allowing for dynamic optimization of ad placements, bidding strategies, and audience targeting.

5. Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

Our team continuously monitored the campaigns, using data-driven insights to make iterative adjustments, enhancing the effectiveness of the Google Ads campaigns and ensuring optimal resource allocation.

6. Performance Analysis and Feedback Integration

We conducted regular performance analyses to evaluate the success of the campaigns against the established goals. Insights gleaned from these analyses were used to refine our approach further, integrating feedback and learnings to continually improve the campaign’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Services Provided

  • Google Ads

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Consulting



Reduction in cost per lead, showcasing our strategic efficiency


Surge in lead generation, vastly exceeding our goal of 500%


Revenue increase from paid leads, directly tying our efforts to financial growth

We achieved an extraordinary 10,073.33% surge in lead generation, vastly surpassing our initial goal of a 500% increase. Our strategic efficiency was further demonstrated by a significant 99.16% reduction in cost per lead and a 14.49% decrease in overall costs, underscoring our commitment to cost-effectiveness. Additionally, our efforts led to a 59% increase in revenue from paid leads, directly contributing to financial growth, and an impressive 4,000% increase in Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER), highlighting the success of our tailored marketing approach.


“I’ve been working with RLC Media as a client for 3 months running Google Search Paid Ads and have seen growth from when we started. Their expertise in digital advertising and marketing techniques has assisted in creating the foundations for us to succeed in the future. Asa has been helpful in not only being responsive and in executing the campaigns, but has also consulted on digital advertising strategies overall from a holistic approach. They think not just on designs and copy, but from the business perspective they help with how can you get the ROI for your organization. Whether you are looking for solid SEO, SEM, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or YouTube Ads, I would recommend them.”

Wayne Pua

Digital Marketing Manager, Arc XP

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