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5 PPC Truths you Don't Want to Hear

And how you can overcome the obstacles that are keeping you behind a successful and rewarding AdWords Campaign

1.) Your Competition Has the Advantage

Every small business owner want to see themselves compete against the big dogs of the industry, but the simple fact is that they have a huge advantage over you. Countless times clients have come up to us with a sense of defeat in trying AdWords before and not being able to compete or show up next to they competition.

The truth is that your competitors who have been advertising on Google AdWords have a large and distinct advantage over you. Here’s why:

1.) They’ve experimented and spent time in the data. Honing and refining their landing page experience and always improving their customer experience through web.

2.) They have experimented with Ad Copy and Keywords selection along with bid management and geo targeted locations.

3.) They have a better Quality score then you do.

Let me explain the first bullet in more detail. Your ad campaign is an ever-evolving, ever changing industry, and will constantly and always need refinements to increase its performance. Most PPC Campaign managers will inform you that what you see in month 1 and month 2 is hardly the end-result of what you should expect to see increasing conversions.  Through data analysis and zeroing in on conversion metrics, your campaign manager can tell you what, where,when, and how often a call to action on your site is working – or if its working at all.

Refining the landing page experience and improving front end site metrics to be more specific to your customers expectations greatly increase your chances of converting a customer and thus, being paid more. That’s good stuff, right?

Your competitors have also extensively used and experimented with their Ad Copy and Keywords to determine which key terms actually work and which ones dont. Combining quality keywords and ad copy that drives a visitor to a site, with a positive and rewarding landing page experience increase your overall ‘Quality Score’ and back end metrics (Think Time on Site, Bounce Rates, etc.).

So what can you do about it?

Know your AdWords. Know your terms. Know your industry.

You can also utilize RLC[ppc]  campaign managers to guide you in the right direction and show you where you can optimize your page and campaign to increase conversion rate and overall quality of your campaign. We’re here for you and provide free feedback.

If you don’t find PPC interesting, or just don’t have the time to do it, hire someone to help. The money you save through campaign management and optimizations easily outweigh what you were paying for low quality keywords and Ad Copy with low Click Through Rates.

2.) Most PPC Agencies Don’t Know What They’re Doing

image of man scratching his head
dont let your marketing fall victim to agencies and marketers who dont know what theyre doing – let RLC Media help

Alright, so this is a hard pill to swallow. The truth of the PPC world is that anyone can do, and that happens. Many big agencies will use basic, common, and once proven concepts to improve campaign performance. The problem here lies within the campaign itself. One campaign, one ad group, and a few ads with a slight possibility of having Dynamic Keywords inserted into them will not get the results of a more in-depth, knowledgeable campaign manager with specific and goal oriented metrics put in place and continuously monitored.

An AdWords account is not a ‘set it and forget it’ tool, but requires continuous adjustments and improvements to really get value out of it.

So what should you do? Who’s the right Pay Per Click Manager to hire for your campaign? Well, without going into too much detail about how awesome RLC[ppc] is, you need to start by looking into your agency/freelancer. What are their qualifications? How many campaigns do they manage? Do they have any testimonials? Are their campaigns owned by you or the agency? Can you see what changes are being done to your campaign and why they’re being done?

Once you thoroughly vet your ppc agency or freelancer of choice, you’re on your way to a healthier and more prosperous campaign that will save you money and get the headache of an unsuccessful campaign off your mind. You SHOULD be in good hands.

3.) The Keywords You Don’t Want to Pay High CPC’s For Are the Best Keywords.

So you want to rank higher and also pay less for your CPC’s, right? That’s a fair request to have. The reality of the matter is your keyword bids can easily be lowered to fit your request – but it wont be good for your business.

Lowering CPC’s (Cost Per Clicks) may help you run your ads longer throughout the day, but your ad positioning will fall dramatically and the keywords you bid on wont bring in the qualified, profitably visitors you’re looking for. People in your same industry are competing heavily for keywords that drive conversions and are profitable.

Some valuable and successful keywords can be added that are hyper-local, and within a targeting ad group with related landing pages. Use cities, towns, and local keywords to drive traffic to your site to keep your Cost Per Click lower, but think twice before giving up on those higher bid keywords.

4.) Pay Per Click is Harder than you Think.

frustrated man with computer - RLC Media
Guy frustrated at computer and ppc.

Yes, you can go on and start your own PPC campaign and bring visitors and traffic to your site. Will they be the most qualified? That answer depends on how much knowledge you hold on your AdWords account, and what you’re basing your success metrics on.

Google makes it really easy for anyone to sign up and use the AdWords platform, but you may not go too in depth on the negative keywords, or linking your Analytics to your campaign, or going so far as seeing how long visitors last on the keywords you bid for. And we’re just scratching the surface here. There are so many options and possibilities and rules in the Google AdWords realm that it can be easy to overlook minor details that can have a rewarding affect on your campaigns. Be sure to read and understand all of the helpful posts from Google HERE . Or, to save you time and trouble, contact a RLC Media rep HERE .

Once you get the hang of things with Google AdWords, be sure to find out how to work Bing/Yahoo Ad Network, and REALLY start to see great conversions and front end metrics.

5.) Your Website sucks.

image of the worst website ever
dont let your site fall victim to the worst website design ever – hire RLC Media and Royal Lion Creative

Your site needs to sell and convert your visitors. This is where the magic happens. All of your hard work and studying to have a successful pay per click campaign and you forgot about your ugly site. With the help of a few web tools and optimization technologies, you can improve your site and deliver a great customer experience. Make your site a non-stop salesman that is working for you, not against you.

Many times we see businesses buy and use a web template, only to fall short on the overall end product. If your site doesn’t look finished, then you don’t look reputable. If your site isn’t responsive on phones, tablets, and computers, then you look dated. If your site has the wrong typeface, color, or pictures, you may lose customers that may have otherwise converted into a sale.

What we’re trying to get to is that you need a qualified and experienced web designer to help you improve your site. This doesn’t cost a fortune and will ultimately lead to a lower Bounce rate and a higher conversion rate. Our favorite web designers happen to be found HERE.  But whoever you choose to design your next site, make sure they utilize good SEO practices, indexing practices, and continually work for you and your business to improve the site for your visitors.


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