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14 Reasons Why You Need To Avoid DIY Website Builders

Why are most people trying out easy website builders like GoDaddy, Wix, and DexKnows, only to leave them as fast as they joined them? We’ll dive into some of the issues that can arise with corporate site-builders, and how you can avoid the pitfalls of a ‘cheap’ Website Builder to get some real traction and beauty from a website design.

1.) Only 1 Page

Site builders often times only offer a 1 page site design for their customers. The trick here is that Flash is used to make it seem as though they have multiple pages. The problem here is that having a single page decreases page count and content that Search engines like Google and Bing can crawl, hurting a sites chance of ranking well with quality content.

2) Forever & Always… Paying

Highest priced monthly spend is around the $30 mark, or around $360 a year. For as long as the site is standing. And the client never has full ownership of the page. In two years you could pay for a new site that you actually own – OWNED.  So even if you do miraculously rank on the first page for a certain keyword, you’ll ALWAYS have to be paying for that site, and if you drop them, your rankings are lost.

Uh Oh.

image of expired website from DIY site
dont let your website fall victim to bad web design – let RLC Media and Royal Lion Creative help

3) Sites are From the Same Template

The appeal of DIY Site builds such as Wix and SquareSpace is that anyone can do it. The problem is that every can do it. Thats right, even the crazy cat lady has built her own site. The problem with this? That crazy cat lady’s site looks very similar to every other Wix/SquareSpace/Weebly site since its the same template. Sites look the same as the companies offer a limited selection of themes to use, meaning all that work you put in to your beautiful page design may look real similar to the crazies.

4) No Custom Domain Names

You NEED a well branded, well crafted website. This includes the domain name, possibly the most important aspect. SquareSpace forces users to use their domain and have customers on a sub-domain. So a site would be “”. This will force Google to never actually recognize a site domain like outside of SquareSpace.

5) Bad Looks = Bad First Impressions

Whats that? You’re just a small business and need a cheap site? Don’t settle yourself short! Visitors to your site can tell when a site is built on low expectations and a whim. What you need is experienced individuals creating and designing your site. Our friends at Royal Lion Creative help our clients with sites and are here to help you out, all at a similar price advantage.

Spend time on a site design and get someone that actually cares for you and your business. After all, this is your livelihood.


image of bad web design
dont let your website fall victim to bad web design – let RLC Media and Royal Lion Creative help

6) Bad Data and Metrics

Only a few of the website builders allow quality data and analytical metrics access. Most of the time these can report inaccurate and just plan bad data that wont help your marketing efforts. Additionally, what will you do with the data once you get it? Sites like Wix and Weebly aren’t going to help you  fully understand where your traffic is falling off, what the problem is with your conversion funnel, or where a Call To Action isn’t converting, etc. At RLC[ppc], we specialize in analytic and data metrics and provide experts to better help you understand the numbers and improve and increase the conversion cycle on your site

7) No Webmaster Tools

Your site cant be verified within Google and Bing Webmaster Tools. This may seem like a bit over the top, but what if these search engines don’t know you exist?RLC[ppc] cares about the back end as much as your front (heyooooo!), and thats why we spend time monitoring and correcting your broken links, crawl rates, and keyword metrics

8) No Branding

What website are you going to put on your business cards and collateral? Certainly name sounds a bit cumbersome, don’t you think? You need a quality URL that you can easily give someone at a conference, meeting, business card, or any other event that proves you’re worthy of business.

9) Flash

Site Building websites usually work off of Flash, and Flash is not search engine friendly. Even Google recommends against using it. Another reason is that its an outdated technology and cant be viewed on iPhones or iPads, and you want a mobile friendly and search friendly website, don’t you? I think Google would applaud you for having one.

10) Ads

“Create A SITE-BUILT-WITH-US site!” isn’t the best thing to have at the top of your professional business page.  You’ll have to pay for the premium plan to get rid of any type of advertising for your website builder site from ‘your’ page.

11) Bad Companies

Moving away from a site-builder design sites can come with snags and holds. It seems as though they’re only in it for themselves…hmmmm.  Companies like Dex will even have you signing year contracts without ever showing you what they’re actually doing to your site, or how well your site is ranked. Even Forbes tells you to ditch GoDaddy. We like to approach this issue with transparency – our clients have full control over their domains, ownership of their analytics, and support from RLC[ppc] and Royal Lion Creative on a 24/7 basis. We believe our services sell themselves, and pride ourselves in quality work and design. Thats why we have a full money back guarantee at RLC[ppc] and a month-to-month agreement that you can rely on.

12) Mobile Friendly?

Okay, yea they’re mobile friendly. Just make sure it loads quickly enough for your end users.

13) Doesnt Rank Highly

With a custom built site that you OWN, you can rank higher in your business niche. When doing a search for your specific niche and business, you want to be shown in the organic results with ease. We take care of the SEO and webmaster tasks so you don’t have to suffer through it.

14) Support

RLC[ppc] offers a service like none other – call us anytime 24/7 if you have any questions, concerns, problems, or jokes you’d like to share. With a personal Designer, account executive, and marketing professional, you can be at ease knowing that your business and website is under good hands.

Any website builder site mentioned above can be a great, quick route to establishing a foundation on where to start. Interested in a free quote for a marketing strategy or on a custom web design? Get your FREE quote Here and see how much we can improve your site design and web traffic today.

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