In 2023, our partnership with Imada unlocked unprecedented growth, transforming their online visibility and sales channels through a strategic blend of Paid Advertising with Google Ads, SEO, and Content Creation. Our collaboration was centered on enhancing Imada’s e-commerce presence, driving both visibility and sales to new heights.


Increase in sessions year-over-year, highlighting improved user interest and website traffic.


Increase in engagement rate year-over-year, demonstrating enhanced user interaction with Imada's content.


Decrease in Cost/Conversion year-over-year, reflecting our commitment to maximizing efficiency and ROI.

Imada, Inc. specializes in manufacturing robust and precise instruments for measuring strength, hardness, torque, and force. These instruments serve a vast array of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, electronics, food and beverage, packaging, and construction equipment, ensuring reliability and accuracy in critical measurements.


Imada faced several hurdles, including a website that struggled against competition, the challenge of improving the quality of data used for Google Ads, and streamlining content creation process to keep pace with dynamic market demands.


Increase client revenue by 10% year-over-year, leveraging our comprehensive digital marketing strategies.

Achieve a 50% increase in leads while maintaining the previous year’s budget, demonstrating cost-effective strategy implementation.

Maintain cost efficiency in conversions, ensuring maximum return on investment for every marketing dollar spent.


1. Comprehensive Audit and Strategy Development

We began with a thorough analysis of Imada’s existing digital presence, including PPC, SEO, and content strategies. This audit informed a comprehensive marketing plan tailored to Imada’s unique needs and goals, ensuring a solid foundation for the subsequent steps.

2. PPC Optimization Using AI Tools

Utilizing advanced AI tools, we refined and optimized the PPC bidding system, ensuring that each ad dollar spent was maximized for effectiveness. This involved real-time bidding adjustments, keyword optimization, and targeted ad placements to reach the most relevant audiences for Imada.

3.SEO Enhancement

We implemented an SEO strategy focused on improving organic reach and visibility. This included keyword research and optimization, on-page SEO improvements, and building a robust backlink profile to enhance Imada’s search engine rankings and attract more organic traffic.

4. Content Creation and Distribution

Our team developed and executed a content strategy designed to engage and convert Imada’s target audience. This included creating high-quality, relevant content that was distributed across various channels to build brand awareness, engage potential customers, and support SEO efforts.

5. Data-Driven Performance Analysis

Throughout the campaign, we continuously analyzed performance data to gauge the effectiveness of our strategies. This data-driven approach allowed us to make informed adjustments in real time, optimizing our tactics to ensure the best possible outcomes for Imada.

6. Continuous Improvement and Scaling

Leveraging insights gained from the campaign’s performance, we focused on continuous improvement and scaling successful strategies. By identifying what worked best, we could further refine our approach, enhancing ROI and driving sustained growth for Imada.

Services Provided

  • PPC (Google Ads)

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Content Creation



Increase in organic leads year-over-year, marking a substantial boost in natural customer interest and engagement.


Increase in paid leads year-over-year, showcasing the effectiveness of our optimized ad campaigns.


Increase in revenue year-over-year, directly correlating our strategic efforts with Imada’s financial growth.

The campaign led to remarkable outcomes for Imada, highlighted by a 151% surge in organic leads, indicating a significant uptick in customer interest and engagement. Paid leads also saw a substantial increase of 108%, validating the impact of the optimized advertising strategies. Revenue grew by 22%, illustrating the direct financial benefits of the holistic marketing approach. Additionally, there was a notable 49% reduction in the cost per conversion, underscoring a significant enhancement in marketing efficiency and return on investment.

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