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Why the heck does Loctite need a Super Bowl Commercial?

Answering the important questions of the Super Bowl XLIX

image of Loctite commercial guy
Loctite Commercial guy broken glassees

The real answer is WHO CARES?!?! Hands down the best commercial of the night coming in from left field. Loctite easily branded itself into your brain cavity as a bizarre and catchy tune with sweet dance moves. A definite touch down of “WTF” and “Did you see that?” thoughts going through viewers minds.

image of loctite commercial dancers
Loctite Commercial dancing Loctite people – why does Loctite need a super bowl commercial?

The ad made its debut in May of ’14, but really caught on during its :30+ second spot during the Super Bowl.  Featuring fanny pack wielding characters, the brand sets itself up for success with obscurity and groove. Loctite is throwing down with a great piece of advertising – we look forward to being able to pull out our fanny packs that have been in the closet for the past 15 years.

image of Loctite commercial husband and wife
Loctite Commercial married couple with fanny pack – why does Loctite need a super bowl commercial?

The “Win At Glue” – themed campaign ( #winatglue ) and ‘dancers’ if you will (believe it or not, none of the actors had formal training), really drove home the need to fix your broken stuff – even if its your oversized glasses or freaky unicorn. A definite win for both Loctite and Fallon, the creative group behind this great commercial. With over 1.3 million views at the end of the game, Loctite reminds you that you need some super glue – and a sweet fanny pack to put said glue in.


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