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RLC Branding & Design

Your brand is how people perceive and feel about all the things that make up your company, from your design and language to your mission and values.

Good branding makes you in a sea of competitors.
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Our process in 3 simple stages:

Stage 1:

Research & Planning

Stage 1: Research & Planning

First, we like to take a deep-dive into who your company is, what you do, why you do it, and what goals you’re trying to accomplish. Paired with research and planning, we then have a clear path to guide us in the right direction for moving forward.

Stage 2:

Design & Refinement

Stage 2: Design & Refinement

This is where the fun begins. With our carefully thought-out design process, we work with you closely to move from ideas and concepts to final designs. We make sure to bring you into every design decision we make to ensure we’re all on the right track.


Stage 3:

Wrap up & Deliver

Stage 3: Wrap up & Deliver

With the approval of final designs, we wrap up everything together into one final product, ready to be delivered and utilized. Before sendoff, everything is quality checked and checked again to ensure you receive the best of the best for your new brand.

Here’s what we can help you with

Logo & Identity Design

Your logo is the face of what your brand is all about. In order for your logo to be effective, it must be appropriate for your industry, memorable enough to not be easily forgotten, and simple enough to be utilized virtually anywhere. We always start off the logo design process with an in-depth discovery meeting to gain a full, accurate understanding of your brand.

Our goal is to design a logo that reflects your brand, what you do, and why you do it, and to deliver to you a visual identity that is a thought-out and beautiful representation of who you are that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Web Development & Design

In the digital age we live in, no brand can stand strong without a well-designed website. We believe in designing websites that are beautiful, functional, and meant to drive action.

From restaurants to manufacturers, we work with a wide range of companies small and large to create websites that help them connect with and convert their target audience into paying customers.

Brand Style Guide

A brand style guide is meant to help you in representing your brand. Think of it as an instruction manual that teaches you how to stay on-brand, no matter what it is your doing. With a comprehensive brand style guide, you can be confident that you can represent your brand rightly with no hiccups or confusion.

Your Better Brand Begins Here.


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