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The Power of Digital Marketing: Strategies to Grow Your Business

Insights from RLC Media's Experts in Digital Marketing

How to Write PPC Ads That Convert
  Pay-per-click marketing is your chance to create effective, highly targeted ad campaigns. Your paid ads are the gateway between your customers’ needs and the solutions your business offers.  
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5 Types of Online Shoppers and Why They Choose Not to Buy
Nearly three-fourths of online shoppers have been reported to leave a site without completing a purchase, sending cart abandonment rates as high as 80 percent, according to a Barilliance study.
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The 4 Best Web Management Tools for Small Businesses
From web design to e-commerce and everything in between, your web presence is the foundation for being seen in the modern marketplace.
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Automated Bidding
The Case for Automated Bidding If you’re looking to refine bidding in your PPC campaign, understand why automated bidding provides
Get Higher Conversion Rates
The PPC Landing Page: 4 Tips to Get Higher Conversion Rates Control landing page traffic through conversion rate optimization based
What Is Quality Score
What is Quality Score? Know the function of an above-average Quality Score and it’s relationship between your cost per click
Keyword Updates You Should Know
AdWords: Exact Match Not Quite So Exact . . . Again Close variants now include word reordering and function words
5 Simple Mobile PPC Ad Strategies
Assuming you already have a successful desktop search marketing strategy in place, it’s time to take a fresh look at
How to Use Organic Keyword Rankings
With the evolution of search engines and social media, examine how to more wisely invest time and resources in SEO
Digital Remarketing – What It Is and How To Use It
What It Is and How to Use It
3 Challenges with Google Shopping Campaigns
Restructuring your Product Feed and strategy based on search queries can increase conversions without increasing your budget.
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Programmatic Buying Newest Online Marketing Strategies
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