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The Best Times To Post Your Social Media

With internet users growing to over 2 billion users this year, reaching your audience effectively has become a strategic and tactful venture, and targeting your audience at the right day and hour can help optimize your social media marketing results. Earlier this year QuickSprout compiled a beautiful infographic of great insights and statistics from a few studies on the best practices of social media and the optimum times to post.  Heres the sum up: The big hitters in the social media realm are all different and should be approached at a different angle.
Twitter is the easiest platform to quickly connect with your audience, whether its B2B or B2C. The workweek has shown to be the most effective times to reach the B2B audience, as it provides a 14% increase in engagements then the weekend does. B2C engagements and CTRs reached their highest on Wednesday and the weekends, which according to Dan Zarrella, increases engagement by 17%. On a single day, twitter users are 181% more likely to browse twitter during their morning and evening commutes – so typically around 7-9 am and 4-6 pm. Want to get a retweet? Tweet around 5pm for the highest opportunity to spread the word.
If you’re continuing your B2B reach, consider this: 93% of B2B marketers rate LinkedIn as a top lead generating source in social media. Because the LinkedIn community is primarily a B2B audience, you can expect high-engagement rates throughout the work week and within business hours. To optimize your posts more, the best days to post to LinkedIn are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays between the hours of 7-8 am and 5-6 pm.
On the monster of all social media – Facebook – the best days to be more aggressive within your campaign is later in the work week, Thursday and Friday, when engagement rates raise 3.5% from Monday – Wednesday. A metric most likely occurring due to individuals and businesses being bogged down with business and stress at the start of the week. The most effective times to post on Facebook is shown to be between 1pm and 3pm, when posts receive the most amount of shares and clicks (Woohoo!).
While posting to Google+, the best days to post are throughout the work week, and between the hours of 9-11am. Posts on Wednesdays at 9am receive the best metrics in terms of social applause and engagement. So, in short, post anytime during the week on Google+, but especially on Wednesdays.

image of Best Times to Post for Social Media Infographic
Best Time to Post Infographic for social media. Learn more about when and how you should post to Social Media

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