Google rolled out with Google Contributor, a tool that will let its users pay to go ad-free. Yes, AD-FREE on Google.

There are currently ten publishers that users can contribute towards in lieu of seeing ads. When you visit larger publishers such as Urban Dictionary, The Onion, Mashable, Imgur, and WikiHow, instead of a gleaming advertisement that helps pay for the site, you’ll get a thank you message from Google.

As it stands, Contributor is an ‘experiment’ – a trial run to see if customers are really annoyed at the current ad system that seems to have been around since the beginning of the internet , or if users are only slightly perturbed to the annoyance of ads. But don’t panic yet about your deal with the publishers, Contributor will not take away from participating publishers’ ad revenues, but compensate for those ‘missed’ ads at market rate.

Publishers that are a part of Googles Display Network will continue to sell their ads through DoubleClick Ad Exchange and will be compensated for ‘hidden’ ads by those who use Contributor by pulling from their ‘bank’, or contribution costs of the user, thus ensuring the Publishers that they are not losing money. Will this be the end of ads on the Google Network, although a great idea, it doesn’t seem likely. 

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