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5 Steps to Finding Your Marketing Strategy

Now that you have a nice, beautiful site – how will you show it off? 

So you have a nice, new website up for your business – its time to prepare for a lot of business, right? Well, not likely if you don’t have a strategy in place. Do you know the average sessions you receive on a given day to your website? Or where you rank organically in Search Results? 

But heres the good news: you have a new website (And hopefully it carries an updated look). Now is your time to look into marketing and advertising your new site so others can see it, and hopefully become a customer. There are many different strategies for different business styles, and no two strategies should be created equal. We’ve created a quick list of the Who, What, Where, When and How of your future strategy.


This should be an easy one for you: WHO is your target demographic and what actions do they typically take online? Understand what marketing platforms they frequent, whether its Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Instagram, or FlipBoard (and on, and on, and on….), knowing who they are and the general actions they take in the digital world is a step ahead of the average Joe.


The WHAT is goods you are selling and the best appropriate medium to deliver it. A website selling dolls will not fare well on a technology based site, and likewise, a power tool company may not have much success on a targeted-for-kids site. Knowing these easy traps can save you many impressions and many mistaken clicks on your ad. Ads and Graphics on a shared interest board/site can greatly increase your cost per conversion ratio, and ultimately drive the traffic you want to you new site.


This one primary focuses on you saving money, and that’s a good thing, right? Many mistakes we notice are those small businesses that get on AdWords or Bing Ads account set up and just start throwing money at a campaign thinking its doing great, because its generating  clicks. As it turns out, if you offer a local service, or a brick-and-mortar shop and thrive on clients visiting your local store, you’re best to geographically limit your ad delivery to a 20-25 mile radius around your shop. You’ll be able to more effectively spend your ad budget, while still delivering your ads to those in your general area.


Another mistake we often see an Ad Budget that is eaten away before your done with breakfast. Taking advantage of your analytics on your site can show the most frequented hour of the day people visit your site, or look for a service thats can associated with your site. Practicing and testing out the hours of the day your ad shows, and A/B testing the results can have a very positive result on your daily ad spend, and also drive more potential customers.


So, HOW will you deliver your products and ads in the most successful and cost efficient method? With a custom built strategy that is catered to you and your business. Mentioned earlier, no two businesses are alike, and should always be treated differently with different platforms and metrics.  Knowing the most effective social media platform to use, or who your target market is and how they interact with technology will be beneficial and efficient in producing conversions and saving money. Contact your RLC[ppc] rep today for a free estimate and proposal to get started on your campaign.

And Good Luck with your new website!


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